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Annual Report 2013-14

Cultural Services

Urban Ticketing System (URBTIX)

URBTIX is one of the most widely-used ticketing systems in Hong Kong. It serves 44 regular performance venues with a combined seating capacity of more than 100 000. There are 40 URBTIX outlets throughout Hong Kong, 15 of which are located in LCSD venues.

URBTIX offers convenient and reliable ticketing services for event presenters as well as the public. Apart from a wide network of box office sales available throughout the territory, telephone and 24-hour internet booking services are also provided for the convenience of customers.

A new URBTIX system was launched on March 5, 2014 to further enhance its ticketing services. The new system enables ten times as many users to carry out Internet booking concurrently than the old system. Customers need not register as members before making purchases on the Internet, and payment by China UnionPay cards issued by banks on the Mainland are accepted for Internet bookings. Other new features such as mobile ticketing and personalised functions for registered members will be implemented by phases in 2014.

An upgrade to the URBTIX ticketing system in 2014 enhanced the capacity of its ticketing services, while also adding new functions and online services.

In 2013-14, URBTIX sold 4.71 million tickets for more than 8 300 performances. Sales totalled $1,000 million.

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