Feb 14 2020

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Best Forex Books

So you want to know which is the Best Forex Book? Well, as you probably observed, there are a lot of different views on the answer to this question. Some websites will promote you books that are given by the Forex Brokers. But, in our guide we do not consider such books as the best ones.

We suppose that books written by broker s analysts are not as good as books written by real professionals. First of all, real professionals do not try to promote any broker and will not tell you that some of the features that are crucial for your trading are available only at this broker or that you need premium account in order to become scalper.

Secondly, professional writers do not earn money from your spreads or commissions, they are not interested in the amount of trades you make per day or in your turnover. They bring your tools that you can use the way you like, without any turnover or deal size rules except for the strategies in which such things are really necessary.

But is there the one and only best FX book? Well, from our point of view, there isn t. This type of trading requires so much knowledge that identifying one Best Forex Book is just impossible.

This is why we would like to present you with our Top-5 Books of choice that should be in arsenal of every profitable Forex trader!

The Best Forex Book:

This book is considered to be the best book at Forex-Library. except for Forex charting trading guide, you will get perfect printing quality and a lot of useful strategies!

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