Feb 14 2020

Dynamic Converter multi-currency display ~ show your prices in multiple currencies #best #foreign #exchange #rates

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Dynamic converter supports all shopping carts and requires only one line of code to install! More info.


“I think Dynamic Converter is fantastic. We are a Canadian company and most of our online traffic comes from our neighbours to the south, the US.

Showing our Canadian price list in US dollars had been a problem up until now because of the fluctuating exchange rate.

It took a few minutes to install Dynamic Converter and the problem was solved. Thanks”
– From the people at Retail Tag Mfg Corp.

Dynamic Converter multi-currency display allows you to show your prices in multiple currencies.

Dynamic Converter is an inline dual display currency conversion service for web sites.

What does that mean. Dynamic Converter will display your web site product prices in your visitor’s currency and your business currency simultaneously.

Dynamic Converter can be used on any web site and works with all shopping carts. More info. .

It’s so easy to install – You simply add 1 line of code to your page, that’s it!

  • Boost your international sales by talking to your customers in their currency.
  • Transform your web site from domestic to international.
  • Stop losing sales by sending your customers away to convert your product prices.
  • Reduce customer frustration

Best of all, Dynamic Converter Pro is FREE!

Dynamic Converter Example #1

In this example, you can change your currency by selecting it from the drop down menu or clicking on the price.

Product prices in this example do not contain any decimal places.

If you choose this examples base currency (US Dollars) you will see the converted price disappear.

Dynamic Converter Example #2

Dynamic Converter Example #3

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