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Trading Post


  • Attribute (s) — has input value fields, limiting the search results to the minimum value selected
  • Profession — limits search results to items usable by the selected profession, default to the current character’s profession
  • Crafting Discipline — limits search results to selected discipline, has input value fields, limiting the search results to the minimum value selected
  • Rarity — limits search results to selected item rarity
  • Level Range — has input value fields (0-80) and a Match My Level option
  • Bag Size — has input value fields, limiting the search results to the minimum value selected
  • Only Show Available — hides any items that do not have a current seller

Buying and Selling items [ edit ]

Buying and selling items on the Trading Post

Players can select the quantity and price per unit for items being bought or sold.

Buying items

  • Place Order — match other current buyers or place a custom buy order. Coins will be held until a seller is found or the transaction is canceled.
  • Buy Instantly — purchase from current sell orders based on available volume.

Selling items

  • Sell Instantly — sell to current buy orders based on available demand.
  • List This Item — match other current sellers or place a custom listing. Items will be held until a buyer is found or the transaction is canceled.

Only items in the character’s inventory are available to be listed. Items in invisible bags are hidden from the search results.

Additional fees [ edit ]

Selling items on the Trading Post requires additional coin fees, based on the total sale price.

  • Listing Fee (5%) — This nonrefundable cost covers listing (or selling instantly) and holding your items for sale. This fee has a minimum of 1 .
  • Exchange Fee (10%) — After a successful trade, the item exchange fee is deducted from coins delivered to the seller. This fee has a minimum of 1 .

Transactions [ edit ]

Transactions on the Trading Post

The Transactions tab shows current and completed transactions. Current transactions can be canceled, sending the item or coins to the delivery box to be picked up (listing fees are not returned).

Pick up [ edit ]

Picking up items and coin on the Trading Post

To pick up items or coin after buying or selling on the Trading Post, players must interact with Black Lion Traders. All items and coin in the delivery box will be picked up in a single click.

List of Black Lion Trading Posts [ edit ]

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There are Black Lion Traders and other representatives in every city and some villages.

List of Trading Post consumables [ edit ]

These items summon a Black Lion Delivery Agent.

Notes [ edit ]

  • Indicates that there are items or coins to be picked up from the Trading Post.
  • Although you can only put in buy or sell offers while logged into Guild Wars 2. the transaction can complete even if you are offline.
  • You are limited in how many items you can list for sale in a short period of time.
  • The maximum number of units you can buy or sell in a single transaction is 250, i.e. a single stack .
  • The “items I am selling” view lists only the first 25,000 units you are selling for a single item.
  • Entering “I am Evon Gnashblade” into the search box (without quotes) shrinks the display of results, by ignoring the icon size. This effect will persist until you type the phrase into the search box again to toggle it off.
  • Free accounts are limited to items from a selected list (will not be grayed-out with a locked symbol in the lower-left corner).
  • Sometimes players are unable to use the Buy button, i.e. it is greyed out. Restarting the game usually resolves this issue.
  • The UI only displays the most recent 2000 buy and sell offers.
  • Sometimes players do not receive the coin from the sale of items in the delivery box. Restarting the game usually resolves this issue.
  • By default when selling, the sell instantly option is selected, so make sure to not press the wrong section or you could be selling way below your planned price.

Trivia [ edit ]

Displayed photo during Trading Post maintenance.

  • At launch, the trading post experienced severe capacity issues and ArenaNet disabled it from August 25 September 5, 2012, although it was available intermittently as early as August 29 to a rotating group of randomly-selected players.
  • Before the game launched, ArenaNet announced plans for an offline tool to browse, bid, or cancel offers. [1] However, there has been no mention of this idea since the game went live.
  • The preview function was added in the Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm update.
  • At launch, most of the Trading Post’s panels were actually a website embedded into the game using the Awesomium browser; since the September 2014 Feature Pack. it now uses Coherent .

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