Feb 13 2020

Review: The Foreign Exchange, Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey: NPR #foreign #exchange #rates #euro

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Review: The Foreign Exchange, ‘Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey’

Courtesy of the artist

A good songwriter knows that you can say more with less, and rapper-turned-singer Phonte Coleman understands a thing or two about the economy of words. A top-notch MC, he shined in the now-disbanded hip-hop trio Little Brother, full of witty lyrics and in-pocket flows; while giving fans a taste of his singing ability on comical skits and choruses. Since 2004, he’s also been moonlighting with Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicolay (Matthijs Rook) as The Foreign Exchange. a setting in which he has steadily developed as a vocalist. Now, more than a decade since the release of the duo’s debut, Connected, the Foreign Exchange that began life as a hip-hop/R
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