Feb 13 2020

FXStreet: Economic Calendar of Forex News and Events #what #is #the #currency

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FXStreet Economic Event Calendar

Follow all the latest economic information with the FXStreet event calendar. Get relevant news covering every indicator accompanied with clear explanations, data on upcoming announcements for the USA, Great Britain, Japan and other developed countries, an indication of expected volatility and much more. The economic calendar is an indispensable tool for every trader. You can customize the FXStreet news and events calendar to your own preferences by filtering the parameters that you are most interested in.

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How to Use FXStreet Event Calendar

With the FXStreet event calendar you can specify the parameters to help you to make a detailed fundamental analysis of the Forex market. In order to manage the large amount of news and events presented, and to make your trading more effective, you should:

  • Set your time zone. The FXStreet economic calendar will automatically translate each event into your local time.
  • Select the date range to focus on news in a specific period or even a single day.
  • Choose the country, category, volatility and click “Filter Results”.

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The FXStreet economic calendar presents only general information in real-time, and is not meant to be a trading guide. The FXStreet economic calendar may be changed in real-time and without notice.

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