Feb 13 2020

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Know where you are with FairFX The fairer, smarter way to spend money abroad

FairFX is fairer because…

For a start, we take less commission. We can afford this because we’re online-only — no booths, no shop fronts, no multiple locations — only the people we need, working solely on getting you the best rates. And also because, to be fair, we want your business — and we know how people choose who to use. It’s therefore important to us to keep topping the comparison league tables — so we do. Nine years and counting! It’s also fairer because with our single-currency cards you lock in a rate when you load up, so you’re protected from fluctuations. It’s fairer because you know exactly what you’re being charged at all times — and it’s always less than alternative options.

Can’t say fairer than that.

FairFX is clearer because…

We’re up-front about all fees. That’s just not always possible with other methods of currency exchange or other cards. And thanks to our clever simple app you know exactly where you stand at all times — balance, fees, the lot.

It really couldn’t be clearer.

FairFX is smarter because…

You get to keep more of your money, you’re not at the mercy of invisible charges, and you’re not stuck with cash you can’t use.

Pretty smart all round.

FairFX is the low-risk option because…

Unlike cash, if you lose it or it’s stolen, you’re covered. (See our terms and conditions for further details). You’re also covered against shocks on your statement when you get home. It’s all there, in real time, upfront.

5-star reviews for FairFX’s service

Excellent rates and great service! I find the Euro card the cheapest and safest way to spend money in Europe. I use it for holidays and when on business. The customer service, when I have needed it, has been prompt, friendly and very efficient.

Nigel Browne, March 2016

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